Fire Prevention and Spider Surprise

We received the gold star today! Roger Maybee from Firewise came by to take a look at our house and property and while we have some clean-up work with the trees and brush, we are doing well. So well in fact that Roger wanted to take pictures of our house to post on his website (! If you want to see pictures of our house, go check out Roger's website (haha!). Roger also cleared up a few things for with regards to the trees on our property (more to come in a later post). It was an educational experience to say the least. We certainly have the previous owners to thank for our gold star and Roger for providing this free and valuable service to help us get prepared for the inevitable wildfires.

In other news, apparently there is a relationship between tarantulas and forthcoming rain. They say that if you see tarantulas moving to higher ground - rain is on the way! Today I came across my first tarantula and saw it on Harris road! It was about 3½ to 4 inches in diameter (including legs) and was certainly not impressed with Biko's nose poking into it's business. Cheryl had asked, "why didn't you pick it up and take it home." There is something about a large spider with it's front legs raised and stinger out that made me think, hmmm, maybe not today.

Pictures posted today include our dogs Roxy and Biko napping by our desks in the office, the front of our house, and a single shot of Biko on the as yet unnamed trail.

That's it for today!



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