a new adventure

What will a city dweller who loves the outdoors do with 100 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills just outside Yosemite National Park?

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We bought our house in July 2015 seeking to find a peaceful area with lots of acreage where we could have chickens, bees, goats, an orchard, a vineyard, and a large garden that just wasn't possible living in a highly trafficked suburban environment. Along with the farm, our long term goal was to start a bed & breakfast after we had retired. However in April 2017, after having decided to leave an industry that I had worked in for 36 years, it seemed like a good time to jump in with both feet and start a bed & breakfast.

Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast opened on March 1, 2018 and thus far our experience has been tremendous.

We hope to see you soon!

Peter Berg