Renovation Restlessness

I clearly need to learn some patience as I want to have all the things we have envisioned for the house in terms of renovations completed as soon as they can be accomplished. As it turns out my definition of soon doesn't always match that of others, hence the patience comment. Our chosen contractor came by tonight to talk with us about a few renovations we thought we might be able to do before thanksgiving. Easy stuff add a wall, a couple of pocket doors. No biggie. As it turns out the doors we wanted are ridiculously expensive. As Cheryl says, "And I mean ridiculously!" Needless to say we are going to put this off.

We have hired a designer to do a master plan for the house and I realize it makes good sense to wait on any changes until we have that plan to guide us. I can be a patient man.

In other news they graded/groomed Harris road today and took out all the nasty washboarding. Now when we pick up coffees at Pony Espresso, they won't be all over the truck by the time we get home. Oh yes, we bought a truck. With nearly 100 acres you need a truck. I'll post some truck pictures soon.

I have had a couple of requests from some of the folks that have had a chance to view our blog. (1) How about pictures of the house? Okay they are coming I promise in a few days I will post some house pictures. (2) How about pictures of your dogs. I took a picture of Biko tonight on the trail, so that will post probably tomorrow sometime. Speaking of Biko, I took him off the leash again tonight and we took a different path - bold dog. He thought he knew where he was going and bolted down a path he had never been. I stood and waited until he came back and I said to him, "where did you think you were going?" "What, you are off the leash twice and now you are a trail expert?" He stayed with me the remainder of walk.

Cheryl said that I should sign my name to each posting, so you'll know it is me. I thought that was a good idea. So here endeth another posting.

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