Ursula on Granite2.jpg

Not So Wildlife

Life on the farm would be lonely without some family to keep you company and provide you with love, protection and nourishment. We have our dogs and chickens and yes they all have names.



Canis lupus familiaris - Half Great Pyrenees and half German Shepherd. Posing so nicely and smiling for the camera. Don't let the smile fool you as she does a great job protecting the chickens and the property. And at nearly 100 lbs she has the muscle to keep us all in line.

Ursula, the She-Bear



Canis lupus familiaris - Half American Bull Terrier and half Pointer and here he is looking for help getting out of the snow. He is our city dog and not quite adapted to mountain living. He does a good job of protecting the house and chasing lizards, when he's not sleeping.

Biko, the Lizard-Boy



Canis lupus familiaris - Shepherd mix?

What manner of dog are you that can summon up love and affection from an animal shelter pen?

    I... am an enchanter.

By what name are you known?

    There are some who call me... Tim?

Greetings, Tim the Enchanter.


Bonita, FJ, Mahtha, Bertha and Briar Rose

Gallus gallus domesticus - Bonita and FJ are Barred Rock hens, Mahtha and Bertha are Rhode Island Reds and Briar Rose is a Buff Orpington. Mahtha (New England speak for Martha) at front and center, rules the roost. [Update - and then there were 5. Mahtha our brave defender succumbed to the heat (or so we believe) on August 13, 2018 - we will miss her]



Gallus gallus domesticus - Our most curious and excitable Buff Orpington hen. She will lift her wings and out race the others for some tasty meal worms. She is always looking for a treat.