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Insects and Spiders

Bugs and Foxtail Farm has them. What would you expect, insects are everywhere. Below are some of the more interesting ones we have observed. For butterflies click here.

Bumble Bee.jpg

Bumble Bee

Bombus bifarius


California Ebony Tarantula

Aphonopelma eutylenum. The Sierra Nevada foothills harbor thousands of California ebony tarantulas. The tarantulas feed on baby rattlesnakes, insects, lizards and scorpions and thrive in the mountainous foothills. Even though these spiders are large they are not dangerous. In mid-October the town of Coarsegold celebrates tarantulas with a festival.  Image by Peter Berg

Praying Mantis.jpg

California Mantis

Stagmomantis californica. Mantises tend to hang around the hummingbird feeders. Interesting they are a threat to hummingbirds and the birds sense it and avoid them.

California Prionus.jpg

California Prionus

Prionus californicus

Darwin's Green.jpg

Darwin's Green Moth

Nemoria darwiniata

Honey Bee.jpg

Honey Bee

Apis mellifera

Jerusalem Cricket.jpg

Jerusalem Cricket

Stenopelnatus fucus

Sierran Blue-winged Grasshopper.jpg

Sierran Blue-winged Grasshopper

Circotettix undulatus; Image by Alice Abela

Velvet Ant.jpg

Velvet Ant

Dasymutilla aureola

Dangerous Insects and Spiders

Western Black Legged Tick.jpg

Western Black-legged Tick

Ixodes pacificus is a principal carrier of Lyme Disease. If you are hiking on our property or anywhere in Sierra Nevada mountains including Yosemite and plan to walk through long grass (head off trail) it is best to take precautions and check yourself for this tick afterwards. Click here for more information.

Western Black Widow.jpg

Western Black Widow

Latrodectus hesperus is a venomous spider species found in western regions of North America. While it is highly unlikely that you would encounter these spiders it is best to be cautious. At Foxtail Farm we have a monthly service to spray the perimeter of the house to prevent insects and spiders from getting inside. Click here for more information.