Open For Business!

Well it has taken almost 11 months and a lot of hard work but as of last Wednesday February 21, 2018 I opened the Bed & Breakfast by going live on (and on our website). And in the first week of being open I have received 12 bookings. I did not expect it to happen so quickly and I am elated that it has and it certainly has reinforced my decision to start a B&B. Now the really hard work starts as I’ve begun to realize just how much more I need to get done before April when the first guests arrive.

Also on the unexpected list is that in this same last week we have received almost a foot of snow at the house and another 9 inches to fall tonight. In the 2-1/2 years we have lived here we have never seen this much snowfall in what has been a very dry winter. I am not complaining, as we need every inch of precipitation that we can get. I have posted some pictures on Instagram and on the website. It was interesting to note the reactions of our animals, the chickens hate the snow and refuse to walk over any snow patches, Biko, our indoor dog, tolerates it as much as he needs to in order to complete his business and Ursula, would love to spend all day in deep snow frolicking, sniffing, chasing birds and rabbits, getting wet and muddy and having an absolutely wonderful time.

I also attended this past week my first monthly meeting of the Mariposa Bed & Breakfast Association and was welcomed with open arms. It was a good feeling to know that the local B&B’s support each other. It seems as though there is enough business to go around and that our real competition is with the hotels. Cheryl was absolutely sure that I would go to the first meeting and volunteer for something and being someone who doesn’t want to disappoint – I agreed to host the next meeting at the end of this month. Hosting the meeting means cooking up some snacks for the members and first impressions are important and I have a strong desire to overachieve. I will probably make what I plan to serve at least twice before then and perhaps three times. I know I can always use the practice.

And finally, for the shameless advertising part of this blog, I would love to have you come and stay (and pay) and enjoy the wonders of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Yosemite National Park. I promise that you’ll have a great time! To book a room click the “Book Your Stay” button at the top of the page. I hope to see you soon!


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