If I had any doubts...

… that I wasn’t a farmer, that all came to a crashing end last weekend when Cheryl and I traded a dozen eggs for 6 yards of horse manure.  As I was spreading the manure last Saturday afternoon I recalled an advertisement from the early 1980’s from a company out of Wisconsin that sells equipment to the dairy industry, their name is also Berg. The advertisement read like this, “Move Manure, Throw Manure, Convey Manure, Berg does it best!” You can check out the Berg Hydro Man IV Manure Conveyor here, http://www.bergequipment.com/vmc.html

Now for something completely different…

I have been officially approved by the County of Mariposa to operate a Bed & Breakfast at our location. It has taken 10 months to get to this point and a good deal of physical work and investment dollars. All that remains now are some final touches like signage, lighting, some website additions like a booking calendar, policies, terms etc., a way to collect credit card payments, and make tax payments. All of this is in process and I should be able to start booking by March 1.

If you made it this far to read this blog entry, you will have noticed that I have a new website. I felt that I needed a better way to show the property and present a professional look for the B&B. I was surprised how easy it was to create using the available tools and templates and I am sure that the site will continue to evolve as I continue to experiment. I hope you like the new look. All comments welcome.

So, if I had any doubts about be a proprietor for a B&B, I probably should have thought about that 10 months ago for here I go, a new business, a new adventure, that I am sure will be rewarding in many ways.

Peter Berg

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