Gearing Up

Yosemite receives on average nearly 4 million visitors a year with most these visits taking place between May and October. It just so happens that there isn’t enough room for everyone to stay near the park.

Soooo… What if we opened a Bed & Breakfast?

I figured that the proper way to proceed is to write a business plan and figure out all the little nuances about owning and operating a B&B. So, I write a business plan (or keeping writing one as it turns out).

There are several important first steps I have determined:

(1)  Make repairs and upgrade the property for aesthetics

(2)  Make repairs and upgrade the property to meet residential code

I won’t go into everything since I wrote all of this down in the 26 pages (and counting) business plan.

This is good. I’ll start doing little bits and continue to move this idea forward. As it turns out we have a target rich environment. As everywhere I look I see things that can be done and I know that if I make steady progress I’ll chip away at what seems like a gargantuan series of tasks.

What I didn’t count on was that we keep adding targets! Like chickens that need a coop and a run, and 8 new trees for the orchard that need a larger more durable fence to keep the deer out and gates for us to access the fenced-in orchard.

At least we are making progress and I’ll keep everyone posted as to when we are ready to open.

Peter BergComment