I used to spend hours in front of a computer playing games, working in Photoshop, sometimes doing stuff for work, etc. In my opinion, these were hours well spent but it made it difficult to get projects done. Cheryl would ask me to fix this or help her do that and I was very good at coming up with excuses as to why now would not be a good time. I was the poster child for procrastination.

How things have changed!

Now I have a daily list of things I must get done. You both may have read about that on a previous post. Now when I get asked to do this or that it goes on “the list” and I get it done. There is a great sense of satisfaction to making things happen. And accomplishing things everyday just feels great!

Now the downside.

I hate leaving the house/property since I feel that it is a missed opportunity to work on projects and tasks. Weird Huh? I suppose that when I get a lot of the projects completed and I feel that things are in good shape, I’ll think differently. Who knows.

As to the B&B, these completed projects and tasks are bringing to me closer to opening day which I am predicting will happen late July. I only wish that I would have found my way clear to understanding what I wanted to do last October as I would have been up and running now. Ah well. Time to get up from the computer and get the tasks done for the day. Because if I get everything on my list done, I get a reward. Beer!

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