Or sitting in front of the computer taking care of business

For all I have read regarding a B&B there appears to be a good deal of computer time involved. Keeping track of revenues, expenditures, writing blog posts (or posts of every kind – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), other marketing communications, and collecting and paying sales tax just to name a few.

I had hoped that when I left my previous job that I could avoid the “sitting at a desk” trap and it appears that running a B&B is just like any business and requires a good amount of time as a desk jockey.

What is interesting is how I have switched from spending so much time answering business emails that in the long run accomplished very little in my view to performing physical tasks around the property that have a lasting result. It is so much more satisfying to see all the accomplishments and to know that I am moving forward in achieving my goals. The other main difference is that I am working for me.

Paperwork, I must find a way to streamline the work and minimize my time in the chair and not by hiring someone to do it. So please share your opinions and I will entertain all suggestions from both of my 2 followers.

Peter BergComment