If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

He’s going to want a glass of milk. If you give him a glass of milk, he’ll ask for a straw… You know the story.

Anyway, I painted the back bedroom yesterday covering up what can only be described as sort of a yellowish-orange color. We had selected a color called “Onion” which when it dried was sort of that light caramelized onion color. It was a nice change.

Unfortunately, the comforter and pillow shams didn’t match anymore, not to mention the sheets, pillow cases etc. Our solution was to switch the bed linens from another room to the back bedroom and put the back bedroom linens into the other room. So far so good.

In painting the room however, the previous painters had been a we bit sloppy. What I mean by that is they had inadvertently splashed a few drops here and there of the yellowish-orange color on the ceiling. No problem, I’ll go back later and paint those out with some ceiling flat white.

Well it turns out that the ceiling in that room is not white so I went to the local True Value to pick up some paint chips to try and match the color of the ceiling. Now True Value is not around the corner it is in Oakhurst eleven miles away (which by the way is the closet town). And to do this right, I must get the paint chips (11 miles), come home (22 miles), match the color and return to True Value (33 miles) to pick up the paint and come home again (44 miles). The color which I hope to only have to touch up the ceiling is called “Snow Owl.” I’ll save my rant on paint colors for another day.

I am home, I have the paint and Cheryl tells me that the en suite bathroom wall color was originally chosen to match the bed linens which I have already moved to another bedroom. Now I come to find out that I’ll need to re-paint that bathroom and I’ll need to go back to True Value for more paint chips.


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