Why Foxtail Farm?

Okay, some of you (oh right, I have 2 followers and they are family), well for those who are reading back posts, you are probably wondering how we came up with Foxtail Farm as the name for our property. And even if you weren’t wondering, I am going to tell you anyway. First a little background.

When Cheryl and I lived in San Diego we had a lawn the size of a postage stamp and like everything else we made the best of it. We ended up pulling up all the grass in our back yard and planted edibles – fruit trees and vegetables. Our neighbors probably wondered about us, but they were already doing that anyway so this action probably came as no surprise. Eventually, San Diego began to wear on us we lived in neighborhood of high end track houses where houses were separated by as much as 12’ and where the population explosion and traffic were becoming a nuisance. And on top of it all we wanted more property to put under cultivation.

We began looking for property in Northern California and after several months of searching we found a nice little place in Mariposa, 98 Acres and a move in ready house. After a few months, we asked for some suggestions on a name for the property which quickly became a competition of who in the family could come up with the best name.

Our Son-In-Law jumped on the opportunity and provided us with about 100 suggestions (I believe we received only 102 total from all family members) which we narrowed down to a few and settled on Foxtail Farm. The main reason we liked it was simply that foxtail grew everywhere up here and we thought that if we couldn’t grow anything else, we could grow foxtails. So Foxtail Farm it is!

Alternatively, had we waited on a name until we started the orchard and garden, we probably would have named it Rockland Farm.

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