I envision running a B&B as a series of routines with some variation here and there. In preparation I have begun to adopt some routines. Here is how my day now starts:

5:50 Get up and get dressed

6:05 Take Ursula down to the chicken coop to “release the girls” to the run

6:10 Put Ursula in her run (this is when she starts barking – I’ll need to work on that for the guests)

6:20 Check the hummingbird food, fill up any empty feeders, and start a new batch if needed

6:30 Clean up the kitchen and put away any washed pans and utensils

6:40 Put food out for the dogs, take Ursula’s food out to her run and replace her water (more barking)

6:50 Let Biko outside, assuming he has pulled his lazy butt out of bed (some more barking from Ursula)

7:00 Prepare and drink my protein shake – read the paper while I drink it down

7:15 Clean up from breakfast

7:20 Make a cup of green tea

7:30 Sit at the computer to write tomorrow’s blog entry

With the B&B, I know that there will be breakfast routines, cleaning routines, upkeep and repair routines, etc. I suspect that it will become tiresome and boring and not at all like the job I was doing before (Ha!). I suppose it is what you make of it and when we have guests, there is the opportunity to meet new people, build relationships, share common interests, and have them marvel at the property and of course my delicious, gourmet breakfasts! (I’ll need to work on that gourmet part.)

In summary, I am not the least bit concerned about routines or the work required to run the B&B. The opportunity to share our idyllic piece of the world with others offsets everything that I’ll need to put into it to make it enjoyable for our guests.

7:50 Finish blog entry and start my day

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