When I describe my goals for the B&B one goal I usually don’t include is having to plunge toilets. I didn’t put in 36 years in the security industry to end up plunging toilets. It remains a real possibility however and to avoid that we have decided to replace all our toilets with low flow, high power flush, toilets. It is my hope that this will address this non-goal.

Besides this concern we have so many other improvements and upgrades that at times it makes my head spin. In an earlier post, I mentioned about taking little bites and always moving forward. Unfortunately, I cannot walk the house or the property without seeing everything else that needs to be done and so I run frenetically from one task to the next hoping that the more tasks I touch on will help me achieve the goal that much quicker. Not so.

Focus, Focus, Focus. Take one task at a time and cross that off the list.

One of those goals/tasks is to write this blog every day and thus far since re-starting it I have yet to miss a day (of course it’s been only a week, but I’m optimistic).

The challenge for me is that somewhere back in my educational history I missed basic grammar. I won’t go into why that happened mainly because I cannot remember all the details. Anyway, what this means is that I have no real formal education regarding sentence structure, use of punctuation, identification of sentence elements, and so on. Therefore, I fumble my way through with the support (or lack thereof) of what MS Word suggests and hope for the best. So for those of you out there that are reading this (if anyone – I think I have 2 followers at the moment) please cut me some slack since this like any other task I will improve and get better over time. And, any suggestions you might have for me would be most appreciated.

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