A Real Pain In The Behind


Don’t get me wrong, I love landscaping. I love the transformation, the physical effort to get it there and most certainly the results. What it takes is commitment, a tractor, and in this particular case, big rocks (I know what you are thinking – the other kind of rocks). To give you an idea about how big, imagine getting a rock into the front end loader and having the whole back end of the tractor (including the backhoe) come up off the ground. 

You may ask what am I doing with these big rocks.

Walls. Stone wall terracing. Taking the area in front of our house and building sizeable walls to retain 15+ cubic yards for top soil. This is part of my commitment to the B&B to upgrade the property for aesthetic purposes. Anyway, getting back to the main point of this post. A Real Pain In The Behind.

So, some of these rocks need to be placed in the tractor’s bucket, some need to be moved into place, some need to be lifted into place (and not by the tractor) and as a result I have developed a gluteal strain… a pain in my behind. The remedy is Advil (my friend), heat (applied directly to butt area), stretching and beer (not really on the beer part). Cheryl will tell me that I also need to rest but sitting hurts and I have difficulty sitting for any length of time (pain or no pain). So I try to be good and do things that don’t aggravate it and give it time to heal. But you know how it is, you start feeling better, you push yourself a little and... bam... back to the main point of this post.

A work in progress

A work in progress

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