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Yosemite Waterfall in Yosemite Valley just days before the storm.

Yosemite Waterfall in Yosemite Valley just days before the storm.

The past week feels like we are in biblical times. It has rained every day but not like that gentle SoCal rain that other areas of North America would call sprinkling. No this is Noah shepherding the animals into the ark type of rain.

Meteorologists are calling it an atmospheric river or the pineapple express and in all my 50+ years on this earth I have never seen so much rain and wild weather. As a result of all of this precipitation streams and rivers are flooding.

According to the Washington Post there was a 173 mph gust recorded at a Squaw Valley Ski Resort peak. That's equal to a Category 5 hurricane and can rip a building off of it's foundation. . Biblical, right?

We are fortunate that our home is elevated and as long as we stay warm and dry and have plenty of food, I'm fine not to have to venture out too far. Our oldest dog is a lot like our honey bees, he only goes to outside to the bathroom when the weather is just right. I have no idea how he can hold it in that long! Nor do I blame him for trying to wait it out!

A couple of times we have ventured outside, in between rain bursts, and noticed that the frogs have returned. They can be heard croaking around the ponds; just slightly over the sound of waterfalls throughout the valley. And like story of Noah and the ark, it's a hopeful sign indicating that soon this weather will pass and the waters will recede. 

One blogger that I am following is Jill Winger from the Prairie Homestead. She was recently asked why on earth would she live in a place (Wyoming) that has subzero temps, blinding snow storms and road closures. Her answer really sums up the way I feel about living here. Here's how she responded to that question, "I like it. I really do...There's something about it that makes me feel more alive...and makes me wonder: maybe life is best lived when things aren't automatically easy for us all the time? That might not make sense to anyone but me, but yup -- I'm here on purpose."


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