You Found Us!

Hello and welcome to our new site! We're so glad you found us!

For those of you who followed us on our other site, you may be wondering why we moved. The answer is fairly simple, at the time we hadn't named our property but then we had a friendly family competition to come up with a clever name for our nearly 100 acres. After many, many submissions (mostly by our son-in-law) we landed on Foxtail Farms.

At this point our farm is mostly in the planning stages. What we have so far is a small orchard, a few berry patches and bees. Foxtail naturally grows in the area around the house so if this planned farming thing doesn't work out at least we know we can grow Foxtail!

It's hard to believe we've been living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for over a year. Our first year has been a big adjustment to the challenges nature has thrown at us (e.g. Peter losing 8 times against poison oak) but it's also been so rewarding especially when our plan comes together too (e.g. terraforming the land) and also the unplanned surprises such as finding a wild blackberry patch filled with berries or the sound of waterfalls in the surrounding area after a rainfall.

We have been thrilled to share this beautiful part of the country with friends and family who have visited and look forward to future guests.

Looking back, it's a dramatic change from our previous life but the rewards here outweigh any convenience we may have had living in a large city.

Although we don't know what 2017 holds we do know that there will be more amazing sunsets to witness, time to hunker down during cold nights with a cup of coffee, a fire in the wood stove and a good book and continued development of our farm.

Our wish for you is that you are able to to do something this coming year that you've been putting off for one reason or another. Yes, change and the unknown can be scary but doing something out of your routine and comfort zone can bring a new level of understanding of your role in the world around you. And if this isn't the year for that, that's ok too. May you find joy and curiosity in the everyday.



Cheryl BergComment