How to tame nearly 100 acres

We took the first steps this evening in our goal to turn our property into park land with the purchase of a wood chipper and a chainsaw. Cheryl and I went down to the local True Value (Stihl dealer) and picked up the equipment and while there received a complete run through on how to operate and maintain both pieces. Cheryl in true HS&E form (health and safety) determined which protective gear I needed and I am sure that you'll soon see a photo posting of me in my kevlar chaps, helmet, ear protection, steel toed boots, safety goggles and cut & vibration resistant gloves. Add to that ensemble a chainsaw and it could be the perfect halloween costume (aka Texas massacres and all) although around here it is a fairly common site and people would wonder why I didn't put on a costume. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting up close and personal with some trees. I might say that I'm getting closer to my "roots" coming from a lumber heritage and all.

Cheryl suggested that we may need the barn/workshop/equipment shed sooner than later to store this stuff. Perhaps a change in plans is in the making in terms of what comes first kitchen or barn?

Thoughts? Feel free to comment.

Peter Berg3 Comments