Back To The Future Day

Or rather back to our future. I suppose we need to start this blog somewhere and this seemed like an appropriate day.

Took the dogs for a walk late this afternoon and thought I might see what Biko would do off the leash and on the trail. As expected he decided he needed to bolt but stopped before he was out of sight of Roxy and me. He then turned around and came back to us. Also interesting, he seems to know which plants to avoid and steps around those that are poisonous or have thorns. Roxy, I keep on the leash since blind and deaf are not a good combo in unfamiliar territory.

I measured our trail (and part of Harris road) walk at 1.2 miles and was hoping to take pictures but had neglected to take my phone. It is sort of useless when you consider that I have no signal. So when I returned, Biko and I did the walk again.

This time Biko stayed right with me until we came across a family of partridges. Yes, we ran into the partridge family on the trail and Biko quickly sent them into the woods. Poor Biko, back on the leash. Anyway I was able to take some pictures, posted here.

On another note, Don the pool guy stopped by at lunch today and checked out our above ground pool and our heavily chlorinated, outdoor, communal bathtub. He was telling me about riding his new Harley and doing something called "running bridges." I had to ask. Apparently, he and his friends accelerate their bikes up over 100 mph on bridges. He says they want to see how fast they can go and still make the turn off the bridge. Keep in mind, Don has got to be in his mid to late 50's so this is certainly not a kid thing. Okay, why then only on bridges? Don's answer, no chance that a deer is going to come running across your path. Good point! And I'll leave you with that.

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